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Teresa Girolamo, M.A., M.S.T., is a doctoral student in child language at the University of Kansas and a certified teacher. Her research includes specific language impairment and language abilities in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, particularly in historically underrepresented communities. She currently serves on the executive board of the Asian Pacific Islander Speech-Language-Hearing Caucus. Joshuaa Allison-Burbank, M.A., CCC-SLP (Diné/Acoma Pueblo), is a speech-language pathologist and project coordinator for the Culturally Responsive Early Literacy Instruction: American Indian/Alaska Native at the University of Kansas. His research interests include community capacity building and culturally responsive teaching practices in speech-language pathology. Joshuaa is a third-year student at the University of Kansas. Brittany Williams, M.A., is a doctoral student in speech, language & hearing at the University of Kansas. Her research focuses on the translation of basic science to better inform clinical intervention and treatment, such as the effects of adverse listening conditions on speech perception and production. Gayitri Kavita Indar is a doctoral student in special education at the University of Kansas. Her research interests include the intersecting inequities and disparities between special education and healthcare, with a focus on implementing Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to support cooperative action between the two fields. Prior to her studies, she was a special educator in New York City public schools for a decade.