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The Speech Pathology Group (SPG) has grown into one of the largest and most respected speech therapy providers in California. SPG offers innovative programs, while expanding its school-based and clinical services including psych and behavior. MARET WILSON is a Director of School-Based Services with SPG. She earned her master’s degree from the University of Minnesota with an emphasis in bilingual/multicultural issues in speech-language pathology. Maret established SPG’s special interest group on cultural and linguistic diversity issues, and has provided professional development trainings at the state and national levels. She provides clinical supervision and support to school-based SLPs. MENGTING SHIEH is Director of Communications and provides speech-language pathology clinical support and supervision with SPG. She received her master's degree in SLP from Northwestern University. Mengting is a clinical consultant with Hope's Promise, the Mennonite Christian Hospital, and several Bay Area startups, traveling with teams to Kenya, Taiwan, and Vietnam to provide intervention and training, as well as ongoing remote consultation. She previously served as a clinical supervisor for California State University, East Bay, and the founding clinical supervisor for PresenceLearning.