Write for Us

The National NSSLHA Blog is intended to establish a community and foster discussion for pre-professionals in the fields of audiology; speech-language pathology; and speech, language, and hearing research.

We invite National NSSLHA members, CSD students, and NSSLHA chapters to submit ideas for creative, informative, and engaging blog posts!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Review our Blogger Agreement and submit the Blogger Application (form is located at the bottom of the Agreement).
  2. Wait to hear back from the National NSSLHA office for approval. We’ll email you with instructions if your topic idea is selected for a National NSSLHA Blog post.
  3. Once approved, you’ll work with the National NSSLHA office to write and submit your blog post.

Tips for Writing a Great Blog Post

Download the 1-Page Guide
Once you’re approved and selected by the National NSSLHA office to write a blog post, we’ll ask you to think about the following when writing your draft:

  • Keep It Short: Aim for 800–1,200 words . . . long enough to convey your point, but efficient and to the point.
  • Share Your Experiences: Fellow students will benefit most from learning about your experiences and perspectives on issues they also face.
  • Be Inventive: Share a new story, idea, or perspective on a topic.
  • Think About Your Fellow Students: Target message(s) to your fellow CSD students.
  • Keep It Web-Friendly: Provide links to additional info (where applicable). If you’re quoting or paraphrasing another author, credit the author(s) and sources(s).
  • Pictures, Please: We’ll need at least one high-quality image (high resolution, not blurry, horizontal format) to post with your blog content, as well as a headshot for your bio.

What Not to Do in Your Blog Post

  • Be Disrespectful: It’s okay to be passionate about opinions that are different from others; just keep it respectful.
  • Be Promotional: We won’t publish posts that blatantly promote products or services. Instead, share your expertise by writing insightful content.

Stay Engaged

Participating in a blog post doesn’t end once the blog is posted!

  • Share Your Post: Promote your post through your social media accounts.
  • Respond to Comments: Dialogue is key to a successful blog post, so stay engaged with readers through the comments section.

Topic Ideas

If you don’t already have a blog topic in mind, check out these ideas:

  • What you found most interesting about X article/research topic/college course/etc.
  • Interview a professional in the field of study you’re interested in pursuing
  • Failing at X and what you learned from the experience
  • How your involvement in your local NSSLHA Chapter has changed your leadership skills
  • Wow-factor accomplishments of your local NSSLHA Chapter
  • Innovative ways you or your local NSSLHA Chapter are serving the community
  • Roadblocks you’ve encountered in your CSD program, getting into grad school, deciding which field of study you’re most interested in, etc., and how you overcame them
  • How you or your local NSSLHA Chapter has advocated for the professions
  • Mentorship success stories (or nightmares!) and how it helped you become stronger
  • Fun and effective fundraising ideas