Chapters—Put a Little Oomph in Your Events!

NSSLHA Chapters—Are you tired of holding the “same old, same old” events every year? Take a peek at what our 2016-2017 Gold Chapter Honors awardees did last year to get some inspo!

Think Out of the Box

  • During the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, Chapter’s annual Yogathon, they put headphones on a mannequin which read decibel outputs. Students were surprised to find that the music levels they listen to are too loud!
  • Rather than hold a traditional bake sale, the California State University, Los Angeles, Chapter held a fruit sale! To make the fresh fruits even more tempting, they included flavorful condiments like salt, lime, and chili.
  • To help VocaliD add more voices to their collection, the Mercy College Chapter promoted their event by speaking to people in the admissions office, and showing the TED Talk on VocaliD at a student life meeting with more than 100 people in attendance!
  • To raise awareness about older children with autism and their unique needs, the University of Virginia Chapter held a screening of Swim Team along with invited panelists for discussion.
  • As a fundraiser, the West Chester University of Pennsylvania Chapter held a silent auction of artwork from local elementary school students and artists in the community.


  • The California State University, Northridge, Chapter held their BHSM activities in April to coincide with a popular music festival and World Voice Day. This allowed them to reach more people as they handed out fliers, water bottles, gummies (lozenge substitute), and reusable earplugs at the event.
  • The University of Cincinnati Chapter (2017 Chapter of the Year) put together an interdisciplinary team (Health Sciences Club, Allied Health Tribunal, Advanced Imagining Technology Club, and two honor societies) to raise funds to bring Shane Burcaw—award-winning author, Emmy-Award-winning producer, inspirational speaker, founder of a nonprofit called Laughing at My Nightmare, and person with muscular dystrophy—to speak to the university’s community. More than 200 students, professors, and community members attended!
  • The University of Florida Graduate Chapter kept interdisciplinary teams in mind by targeting students in other health professions. They set up a table near the Health Sciences Library, and, as students passed, encouraged them to answer questions about speech and hearing.

Use Whatcha Got

  • The California State University, Fullerton, Chapter downloaded coloring pages available on ASHA’s resource pages and then handed them out along with crayons to promote BHSM.
  • The California State University, San Marcos, Chapter developed a series of 10 pamphlets with information on various adult neurogenic communicative disorders, early intervention, and audiological disorders to appeal to the adult population on campus.
  • At one of their annual fundraisers, the Iona College Chapter engaged attendees by creating interactive activities like learning how to sign your name in American Sign Language and learning how to write your name phonetically.

Keep Up the Momentum!

  • To get more traction than in years past, the Marywood University Chapter generated a BHSM campaign on social media. Members picked several different disorders and topics to write about and posted them on the chapter’s Facebook page, reaching more than 300 people!
  • To keep awareness high for their month-long fundraiser, the Chapman University Chapter created a social media campaign and distributed fliers around campus.
  • The University of Nebraska, Omaha, Chapter held a large-scale fundraiser benefiting the Autism Society of Nebraska. To ensure the program’s success and to keep people accountable, the chapter held bi-weekly meetings from December through April.
  • When planning fundraisers, the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Chapter built in plenty of time to secure the location with the school, complete food permit applications, and promote the event. 

For even more event ideas, check out our Event Idea Bank. We’re excited to see what you accomplish this year!

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