2018 Aha Moments

Phew—what a semester! Through all the ups and downs, I think it’s safe to say we’ve all learned some valuable lessons in 2018 (and not just in class!).

Take a peek at what some of your Student State Officers have learned so far this year. Maybe it’ll sound familiar … or maybe it’ll inspire some new aha moments of your own!

Don’t Stress So Much

Kyra Skoog, New Jersey AuD SSO:

“It’s easy to think everything needs to be done now, which can lead to a lot of stress. I started categorizing the things on my to-do list as ‘urgent,’ ‘important,’ or ‘do later.’ It made tackling my long to-do lists more feasible.”

Meghan Hill, Indiana SLP SSO:

“Assignments, tests, or therapy sessions can be challenging. My new motto is, “That may not have gone well, but it was a great learning experience.” By flipping my perspective on “failures,” I gave myself some much-needed grace and significantly more opportunities to grow!”

Jennifer Goldsmith, Florida AuD SSO:

“Don’t stress out about the small things—just give it your best shot and be happy you tried. Instead, focus on the important things.”

Karlie Mayer, Minnesota SLP SSO:

“With classes, applying for graduate school, and being president of my NSSLHA chapter, my advisor reminded me to take everything one step at a time and it will all work out!”

In the Session Room

Danielle Kancelaric, New York AuD SSO:

“My first semester of clinical work taught me to trust my instincts. Chances are, you’re on the right track. By trusting my own judgement, I can stand behind my thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. Always provide a rationale for what you’re fighting for and feel confident!”

Apryl Sullivan, Montana SLP SSO: 

“When volunteering with adults who had aphasia or TBI, my first instinct was to jump in and help them figure out what word to use or how to finish a sentence. But this didn’t give them a chance to do it on their own. By speaking less and listening more, we give clients more time to speak for themselves to achieve success.”

Madeline Frank, West Virginia SLP SSO:

“Don’t be afraid to fail when first attempting therapies. You’ll learn through your mistakes.”

Tabitha Syme, Idaho SLP SSO:

“Embrace this ‘not yet’ stage that we’re in. We’re still learning. We don’t need to know everything. Show growth and learning by being open to your clinical supervisor’s feedback and do your best to incorporate that feedback into your next session.”

Know Yourself and Embrace Others

Dawn Young, Nebraska SLP SSO:

“Someone told me I was pushy—they were wrong. I’m tenacious and determined to see results! Someone told me I was an overachiever—they were wrong. I’m prompt and organized! Stop letting others’ opinions define you. Be confident in being you.”

Logan Peake, South Carolina SLP SSO:

“We’re all more alike than we’re different. This applies in the classroom, in our professions, and in the world. If we embrace this, we’ll see change, progression, and growth.”

What did you learn this semester??

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