Tackling 2019 Like a Boss

Happy New Year!!

As we kick-off 2019—and before the spring-semester-crazies start—now’s the time to reflect and think about what we want to accomplish in the new year.

Check out what some of your Student State Officers will focus on in 2019:

Time Management

Seaira Henry

“Less is more. My personal time is important. I don’t have to do everything; but what I do tackle, I’m going to work hard at.”

Katherine Yeh

“I hope to work on my time management skills and stop spreading myself too thin. I want to delegate a day to myself to relax—probably easier said than done, but I’ll make sure I have my family to hold me accountable.”

Work-Life Balance

Rebecca Willer

“With school, work, and research projects, I struggle to find time to relax and unwind. I want to change my lifestyle to find a better work-life balance and prioritize myself!”

Jaden Rausch

“I plan to read more for fun!”

Focus on What Matters

Beth Frick

“My New Year’s resolution is to make decisions that make me truly happy. I get to define what next semester looks like for me. Too often, I’ve made decisions that accommodate others and sacrifice what I want … not this year!”

Joslyn Parsons

“I’m resolving to not get worked up over what may not matter in the long run … but focus on the things that really do matter.”

Danielle Kancelaric

“I want to take more risks. It’s important for me to do in order to grow and learn in my personal life and my career!”

Be More Engaged

Tayler Fleming

“I’m going to plan a special event with my NSSLHA chapter at the University of Kentucky to promote diversity and awareness of CSD within our community.”

Victor Lugo

“I want to read more research articles. Juggling classwork and clinic can be tough, but devoting 10-15 minutes a day to read CSD literature can be an easy way to destress while also building a solid foundation in evidence-based practice.”

Lauren Mann

“I’m going to do my best to stop and talk to underclassmen more! Just taking 5 minutes out of my day to connect with them is more important to helping map their future than following my busy schedule exactly as planned.”

What goals will you tackle like a boss in 2019?? Share your New Year’s resolution with us!

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