Nab That Student Leadership Opportunity—We Need You!

Leadership skills aren’t simply inherited. Just like your clinical skills, they have to be practiced and honed. And the best way to do that is by putting yourself out there and nabbing opportunities that are presented to you!

National NSSLHA currently has five Executive Council, two Regional Council, and 100+ Student State Officer positions available—just for you! These positions will give you unparalleled opportunities to grow as leaders and start building your future professional network.

But don’t take our word for it, check out what some of our current National NSSLHA student leaders have gained from their experiences:

Kevin Kock
Vice President for Finance

Kevin Kock, National NSSLHA 2018-20 Vice President for Finance

I’ve gained an understanding of issues that affect us as students on the national level. But not only that, I’ve made some great friends and great connections with speech pathologists and audiologists in our own community.

Leilani Melendrez
Western Regional Councilor

Leilani Melendrez, National NSSLHA 2018-20 Western Regional Councilor

I really enjoy working with an organization that promotes student advocacy and helps students develop their leadership skills.

Charlotte Miller
Vice President for Planning

Charlotte Miller, National NSSLHA 2017-19 Vice President for Planning

I learned how to be a more confident and comfortable leader.

Jordan Girola
Student State Officer, California

Jordan Girola, 2018-19 CA SLP SSO

I’ll never forget the amazing leadership skills I’ve gained and all the amazing connections I’ve made with students across the United States.

Michelle D’Mello
Vice President for Government Affairs and Public Policy

Michelle D'Mello, National NSSLHA 2017-19 Vice President for Government Relations and Public Policy

Being on the Executive Council has given me the confidence I need to start my profession as a young speech pathologist.

So, take the leap … take advantage of these opportunities … apply for a National NSSLHA student leadership position today! But hurry, applications close on April 19!

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