Announcing NSSLHA’s Newest Executive and Regional Council Members

You voted—and we heard you! Please help me in congratulating our newly elected Executive and Regional Council members for the 2019-2021 term …

President-Elect (SLP)

Jordan Girola | California State University, Chico | CSD

Fun Fact: Jordan is a beach girl all the way! She also loves morning runs, riding her bike, and gardening.

“As last year’s NSSLHA SLP SSO in California, I learned how significant it is for audiologists and speech-language pathologist to collaborate and maintain successful working relationships. As president-elect, I look forward to bringing more awareness of each profession to both audiology and speech-language pathology students, as well as to other related professions. I also look forward to connecting students with their state associations to help build relationships between students and professionals.”

Vice President for Planning

Alison Dungca | San Francisco State University | SLP

Fun Fact: Alison’s favorite food is any type of fried chicken—nuggets, tenders, fingers, wings. You name it, she loves it … and we can relate!

“This role identifies the issues and needs of speech-language pathology and audiology students across the country. I feel it’s important for NSSLHA to stay true to its values, especially as a national organization that’s a role model for chapters nationwide. I’m excited to address multicultural issues and advocate for minorities and underrepresented populations within NSSLHA programs. I’m hoping to not only see NSSLHA grow as an organization (both in numbers and involvement), but also through more diverse leadership and participation.”

Vice President for Programming (SLP)

Rebecca Willer | University of Wisconsin, Madison | SLP

Fun Fact: Rebecca enjoys exploring new cities, finding new restaurants, and trying new foods. She’s been to Italy 4 times, so it’s no surprise that pasta is her favorite food!

“As NSSLHA’s AuD SSO for Wisconsin, I collaborated with students and professionals across the country—from both audiology and speech-language pathology professions—to further NSSLHA’s mission and vision. In this role, I’m looking forward to working with students and NSSLHA chapters to develop programming that’ll support an even more diverse and inclusive organization.”

Vice President for Government Affairs and Public Policy

Natalie Sfeir | University of Texas at Austin | SLP

Fun Fact: Natalie’s also been to Italy and loves Mediterranean food. Who else is starting to feel like they need to travel to Italy??

“In our fields, advocacy plays a pivotal role—it supports us being able to provide the best care and services that clients deserve. As NSSLHA’s SLP SSO in Texas, I brought chapters together to submit hundreds of letters to legislators through ASHA’s Take Action website. I also worked with the Texas Speech Hearing Association (TSHA) to have my university’s chapter attend their Capitol Visit Day, where we spoke with district representatives on issues that our professions face. I’m excited to work with everyone to bring advocacy to the forefront of CSD students’ minds!”

Vice President for Student State Officers (AuD)

Adrienne Graves | Indiana University | AuD

Fun Fact: Adrienne’s professional interest is in audiology for the military population—so cool!

“In this role, I’m hoping to inspire both audiology and speech-language pathology students to become more engaged with NSSLHA. I look forward to working with our other EC and RC members and SSOs to coordinate NSSLHA student involvement and streamline communication between local, state, regional, and executive leadership.”

Central Regional Councilor

Kaylee Genzel | Illinois State University | SLP

Fun Fact: Kaylee loves making crafts with her Cricut (die-cutting) machine! Watch out, Kaylee—we may put you to work in our “crafts department!”

“As vice president of my university’s NSSLHA chapter, I was responsible for collaborating with the Student Academy of Audiology to plan and execute the logistics for the CSD department’s annual banquet. I was also in charge of providing volunteer opportunities for our members—getting them involved in our local community. I’m looking forward to using these experiences to bring SSOs, chapters, and members from across the Central region together to collaborate toward NSSLHA’s common goals.”

Southern Regional Councilor

Melissa Schenley | University of South Florida | AuD

Fun Fact: Melissa’s professional interests include hidden hearing loss, vestibular disorders, and working within the geriatric population.

“I was actively involved in the NSSLHA chapter at my undergraduate university and was also one of NSSLHA’s AuD SSO in Florida. These experiences provided me a community that I called my family. As NSSLHA’s Southern RC, I look forward to further building connections between the southern states, chapters, and members; as well as help SSOs expand the chapters in their state. I look forward to building a stronger NSSLHA family for everyone!”

These leaders will work with our current Executive and Regional Council members, Student State Officers, and National Office staff to engage with NSSLHA members and chapters from across the country. You can learn more about all of our student leaders and their positions on the NSSLHA website.

Congrats again to Jordan, Alison, Rebecca, Natalie, Adrienne, Kaylee, and Melissa!

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