Recent Master’s and AuD Grads—Submit Your Certification Application by December 31

Whether you’re an audiology or speech-language pathology student, as of January 1, 2020, ASHA will have new certification requirements that could affect your ability to become an ASHA Certified Member!

We’ve broken down the changes for both audiology and speech-language pathology students on the post, “New ASHA Certification Standards May Affect You Now as a Student—Are You Ready?” and helped you navigate the process here: “ASHA Certification Standard Changes Are Coming Next Year—Get Ready.

Check out the answers to these most commonly asked questions . . .

Audiology Students

If I Don’t Complete All of My Externship Hours Under a CCC-A, How Do I Complete Them?

You must still complete a supervised clinical experience that meets the CAA’s and your program’s requirement for duration. If any of your experience was not completed under a CCC-A holder, the 2020 certification standards allow you to make up the remaining experience under a CCC-A holder post-graduation. Your program director will verify the number of months that were completed under a CCC-A. Then, after graduation, you can work with a CCC-A supervisor to document and verify the remaining months of supervised clinical experience post-graduation.

Does My Program Director Need to Verify Any of My Post-Graduate Supervised Clinical Experience?

No. Your program director only verifies the months you worked with a CCC-A while you were enrolled in your AuD program. If you have not completed 12 months of supervision under a CCC-A before you graduate, you have the option to make up the remaining months after you graduate. There is a form for your post-graduate CCC-A supervisor to complete that’ll be submitted with your application in addition to the form that your program director completes.

Do I Only Have 2 Years to Apply from the Date I Graduate?

No. You can apply for the CCC-A any time after you graduate, but keep in mind that your passing Praxis examination score is only valid for a period of 5 years. If you apply for the CCC-A when your score is over 5 years old, you’ll need to retake and pass the Praxis—again.

Can I Complete Clinical Supervision Remotely?

If clinical instruction and supervision are completed post-graduation, they must comply with the requirements as stated in Standard III with the exception of on-site clinical instruction and supervision. Remote supervision or tele-supervision methods may be used, provided they are permitted by the employer(s); and local, state, and federal regulations.

Speech-Language Pathology Students

Can 2019 Graduates Apply for ASHA CCC Before Completing Their Clinical Fellowship (CF)?

Yes! Any student who graduates in 2019 is eligible to apply for the CCC-SLP immediately upon graduation, even if it’s before you begin your CF.

If you’re a December 2019 grad, click here for more information.

I Won’t Finish My CF Year Until 2020. Will the Changes Affect Me?

You do not need to complete your CF before applying for certification. As long as you apply for your CCC-SLP or CCC-A before December 31, 2019, you’ll fall under the 2014 standards.

If you wait and apply on or after January 1, 2020, you will fall under the 2020 standards and risk needing to take additional coursework and/or redoing your CF.

Can I Complete the Physics/Chemistry Requirement During My CF?

No. All academic coursework, including the physics or chemistry course, and clinical practicum must be completed before beginning your CF.

Can Students Take the Chemistry and Biology Courses as Pass/No Pass or is a Grade Required?

Pass/fail requirements, passing grade minimums, and whether or not a lab is required are all determined by the individual program in accordance with university policies and procedures. Check with your department for requirements for your specific course.

How Do I Determine If I’ve Met the Course Requirements?

Your program director will verify your course work on the Program Director Verification Form. It’s part of the CCC application. You’ll be required to submit your transcript as part of the application process as well.

I Graduate in 2020. If I Earned Hours Before 1/1/2020, Do I Have to Do Them Again Since the Supervisor Didn’t Meet the 2020 Requirements?

No. All hours earned on or before 12/31/2019 must be in accordance with the 2014 standards only. All hours earned on or after 1/1/2020 must be in accordance with the 2020 standards.

Additional Q&As

Earlier this year, ASHA Certification staff answered these and other commonly asked questions during an online chats for both audiology and speech-language pathology students. To view the online chats in their entirety, check out:

If your questions haven’t been answered, call 800-638-8255 and ask to speak with the ASHA Certification staff.

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