2019 Recap—Clinical Fellowships, Externships, Grad School, Oh My!

No surprise here … navigating the clinical fellowship (CF) and externship processes, getting into grad school, understanding ASHA’s 2020 Certification standard changes, and hearing about resume-building experiences were all the topics you were most interested in this year!

In case you missed ‘em, check out our top 10 most popular NSSLHA Blog posts from 2019 (some are even so good, they’re from last year!):

Clinical Fellowship and Externship Tips

Clinical Fellowship Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

Student pondering questions

#slp2b peeps … are you confused by the Clinical Fellowship process? ASHA’s certification team is here to answer your most commonly asked questions!

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Answering Your Top Externship Questions

Student/young professional in scrubs

#aud2b peeps … we wouldn’t leave you hanging! Check out answers to your most commonly asked questions about completing your externship.

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Graduate Admissions Process

Stop Losing Sleep Over Grad Applications—10 Pieces of Advice

Students sitting on floor, holding thought bubbles with questions about grad school applications

If the thought of starting grad school applications has you losing sleep, check out this advice from Carol Dudding, PhD, CCC-SLP, the director of James Madison University’s online speech-language pathology master’s program.

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Gradmission—A Guide to Getting Through the Grad Application Process

Student at laptop in coffee shop

Undergrads: It’s never too early to begin thinking about the grad application process. Check out these tips from Sonja Pruitt-Lord, PhD, CCC-SLP, NSSLHA’s National Advisor and the MA Program Director at San Diego State University.

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Resources to Get You Through the Grad Application Process

Student on cell phone while at laptop

As an undergrad, you’re probably filled with questions—”What programs should I apply to? What do I include on my resume? What in the world do I say in my personal statement?” If this sound familiar, check out these tips to get through the grad application process.

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Senior Scaries: What We Wish We Knew Before Applying to Grad School

Students talking

Past and current National NSSLHA student leaders share what they wish they knew before starting the grad application process.

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Certification Standard Changes

New ASHA Certification Standards May Affect You Now as a Student—Are You Ready?

ASHA's 2020 Certification Standard Changes

In this post, we share the key differences between the 2014 and 2020 Certification standards for both audiology and speech-language pathology.

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ASHA Certification Standard Changes Are Coming Next Year—Get Ready

Announcement on laptop for ASHA Certification Standard changes are coming

ASHA’s certification team helps both audiology and speech-language pathology students navigate the process of navigating the new 2020 Certification standards.

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Resume-Building Experiences

Therapy Abroad—My International Education in Speech-Language Pathology

Norah AlJunaidi in Belize for study abroad.

Why is learning about speech-language pathology in other countries important? Norah tells us.

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Scholarship Applications: Tell Your Story

Student thinking and working on computer while sitting on the ground

Find out how Harry Potter may help you win a scholarship! Psst … these tips can help you with other applications too.

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