Ringing In 2020 … And a New Decade

Happy New Year, everyone!! I can’t believe it’s 2020. And knowing we’re at the start of a new decade, this year feels a bit different and more exciting than years’ past. I’ve been thinking about all of the amazing things that’ll happen during the next decade. We’ll all finish our degrees, get our first jobs, and start building a foundation for our careers. Not to mention, I’m sure we’ll all have some pretty big personal life milestones too!

It’s important to sit down and reflect on what you’ve accomplished so far and what you wish to accomplish next. With almost two years of grad school under my belt, I’ll be graduating with my AuD in 2022 from Towson University. Until then, there will be plenty of studying, clinical placements, and classes to learn and grow from!

Here’s what I hope to tackle in 2020 …

Take Advantage of Learning Opportunities

Whether scheduling one-on-one meetings with my supervisors, staying on top of audiology-related literature, or listening to educational podcasts, I plan to take advantage of every learning opportunity that presents itself to me! I can’t wait to journal what I learn too! 

Grow My Interprofessional Network

As a future audiologist, it’s no secret how much our field can intertwine with other professions. I’d like to dedicate time talking with other students about how we can best serve our future patients as a team and be more knowledgeable about each other’s professions. 


I look forward to going beyond participating in NSSLHA and ASHA’s Student Advocacy Day and Virtual Advocacy Day, by taking the time to educate others on important upcoming bills and about how they can be advocates for our professions too.

Mentor Other Students

As much as we all appreciate the professional mentors we have in our lives, I think it’s important to be mentors to each other too. I plan on reaching out to undergrads and first year AuD students to share knowledge I’ve gained … not just related to the AuD program and profession, but also on student leadership, inter-collaboration, and networking.

Take Breaks

School’s tough! It’s easy to get wound up in all the craziness and believe you need to be in go-mode all the time. When times get stressful, I’ll take time for myself for a needed and well-deserved break; whether it’s taking a night off of studying, going out with friends, visiting family, going on a walk, or watching a fun show. Giving myself that break will allow me to recharge so I get right back to it!

What do you hope to accomplish this year?? Post a comment and share your New Year’s resolutions. I’m looking forward to seeing what the start of the decade has in store for all of us!

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