National Student Leadership—What Doors Will Open for You?

When you think about leadership opportunities, you probably think about how the experience will grow your leadership skills, make you a better communicator, and could be a great resume booster. And while those are some of the benefits to holding a leadership role, have you thought about what other doors the experience could open for you?

National NSSLHA has 6 Executive Council and 100+ Student State Officer positions available right now—just for you! These positions will give you unparalleled opportunities to grow as leaders and start building your future professional network. But beyond that, these positions could open doors to opportunities you never imagined.

But don’t just take my word for it . . . check out what doors opened for our current student leaders through their National NSSLHA leadership roles:

Natalie Sfeir, Vice President for Government Affairs and Public Policy

“In my role, I was invited to share information about student advocacy and NSSLHA’s advocacy efforts on a national podcast!”

Melissa Schenley, Southern Regional Councilor

“Through connections I made as an RC, I’ve been given the opportunity to join the 2020 Convention Program Committee as a reviewer of Call for Paper submission on the ‘Hearing, Balance, Tinnitus—Assessment and Intervention: Adult’ topic.”

Erika Baldwin, Student State Officer (Wisconsin)

“Being an SSO connected me to my state association, the Wisconsin Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Association. And, because of this, I’m now also serving as a student representative for them too. Holding a leadership position at the state level has opened even more doors for me, like helping to organize a state capitol visit to meet with our legislators.” 

Brandon Roppel, Vice President for Programming (AuD)

“This position has given me the opportunity to create connections with audiologists throughout the country, and particularly in my home state. For example, I recently met an audiologist who allowed me to shadow them in their clinic to see if it was a setting I could imagine myself working in.”

Chelsea Woodard, Vice President for Academic Affairs

“Holding this national leadership position has not only been a great resume-booster, but it’s been a topic of conversation during all of my clinical externship and recent job interviews. Employers are extremely interested in learning about how my responsibilities and qualities learned through my leadership role will be advantageous to their team.”

Adrienne Graves, Vice President for Student State Officers (AuD)

“Through my role, I was able to participate in a meeting of the Council for State Association Presidents (CSAP) at Convention last year and connected with leadership of my state association. Establishing that connection helped revitalized the relationship between them and my university’s speech and hearing department. Since November, our department and NSSLHA chapter have significantly increased our involvement in state association conferences and advocacy events.”

Victor Lugo, Student State Officer (Virginia)

“Being an SSO and serving in a leadership position in my local NSSLHA chapter led to my nomination as the Speech-Language-Hearing Association of Virginia’s Outstanding Student Leader Award.” 

Apply for a National NSSLHA Leadership Position Today!

As you can see, holding a National NSSLHA position can help provide amazing opportunities in addition to gaining a wealth of leadership skills. So, push aside any doubts and fears you may have about holding a national-level leadership role, and open the door to some amazing opportunities.

Apply for a National NSSLHA student leadership position today. But hurry, applications close on April 30!

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