Back-to-School Essentials: 10 Tools for CSD Students

I can’t believe it’s already that time of year again! As we head back to school, I wanted to share a collection of 10 essential tools I’ve curated for CSD students. Be sure to bookmark these pages so you can return to them throughout the semester. Bonus: Almost all of these resources or apps are free (or included in your National NSSLHA membership)!

aɪ pi eɪ kibɔrdz

Easily type phonetic transcriptions in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) on your phone or computer using these two IPA keyboards—the IPA Phonetic Keyboard (mobile app) or (online application). To install the IPA Keyboard on your smartphone or tablet, download it from the app store and follow the instructions. To use the online keyboard, well, just type away—then, copy and paste the final product into your word doc (and be sure to use a compatible font like Times New Roman).

Essential Anatomy 5

The Essential Anatomy 5 app features a 3D view of the human anatomy—including thousands of highly detailed anatomical structures plus the audio English pronunciation, Latin nomenclature, and a detailed description. With layering views that allow you to strip away various layers of muscle, Essential Anatomy 5 is the perfect tool to understand the complex systems behind the disorders we will encounter as audiologists and SLPs. The app is currently available to students for $35, but double-check to see if your institution offers free access.

Evidence-Based Practice Toolkit

ASHA’s Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Toolkit is a collection of guides to help you implement the EBP process as you ask and answer important clinical questions. The toolkit incorporates the principles of EBP into the clinical decision-making process while still prioritizing patient care quality. Many CSD students will develop assessment or treatment plans for clients as part of a clinical practicum or externship and, for that reason, will find the EBP toolkit particularly helpful. Plus, the toolkit is completely free—no login or membership necessary to access these guides.

Evidence Maps

Speaking of evidence . . . ASHA’s Evidence Maps webpage is a searchable, online tool to aid in your evidence-based decision making. Arranged topically, each Evidence Map contains links to articles categorized as either external scientific evidence, clinical expertise, and client perspectives. External scientific evidence includes evidence-based guidelines and systematic reviews in a specific area of treatment or assessment. Clinical expertise refers to the experience, education, and clinical skills of the clinical expert and also includes consensus-based statements and ASHA policy documents. Client or caregiver perspectives highlight the individual perspective, concerns, and values of the client and/or family. Need a little help navigating? Watch this quick (1-min) video on how to use ASHA’s Evidence Maps.

Leadership Academy

The ASHA Leadership Academy is an online leadership learning center free to both members and nonmembers (simply create an account or sign in with your NSSLHA login to start learning). There’s something for everyone—leadership assessments, webinars, mentorship programs, awards, and recommended resources. Start by evaluating your strengths and opportunities for growth by taking the two free leadership assessments. Then, make your way through the On-Demand Webinars, each focused on a key leadership competency.

Marlee Signs

Learn the basics of American Sign Language (ASL) from Academy Award–winning deaf actress Marlee Matlin. Marlee’s app uses recorded video demos to teach the fundamentals of ASL—including the signed alphabet, basic vocabulary, and common expressions. Plus, it’s free!

Master Clinician Network

Master Clinician Network (MCN) is your window into the clinical process. Through MCN, students can view recorded treatment and assessment sessions conducted by expert clinicians in audiology and speech-language pathology. The platform also offers CSD students a virtual way to earn their required 25 guided observation hours while developing critical skills. A 1-year student subscription is only $45, but check first to see if your institution has a University Code (that’ll get you free access).

Online Scholarly Journals

ASHA’s peer-reviewed scholarly journals include the American Journal of Audiology; the American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology; the Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research; and Language, Speech, and Hearing Sciences in Schools. Use ASHA’s publishing platform, ASHAWire (the online home to these journals), to search for your topic of interest across all four publications simultaneously. Abstracts are publicly available, but to read further, you can pay per article, subscribe to a specific journal, OR get free access to all four journals plus the print edition of The ASHA Leader through your National NSSLHA membership. Not currently a National NSSLHA member? Journal access is just one of the many benefits of joining!

Practice Portal

ASHA’s Practice Portal is your one-stop-shop for resources and research on more than 40 clinical topics and professional issues. The Practice Portal is a great first stop when researching a specific issue for an essay, lab, or clinic. Just click on the individual topic of interest to find an overview, including any must-know terms, key issues, additional resources, and the references list. Some clinical topics even contain more detailed information on incidence and prevalence, assessment, and treatment! Plus, ASHA is constantly revising the content as new evidence becomes available—so feel confident that you are reading the best available information.

Sounds of Speech

Provided by the University of Iowa, the Sounds of Speech app is a comprehensive look at how speech sounds of American English are formed. Animations, videos, and audio samples describe the essential features of each consonant and vowel. The Sounds of Speech app is a MUST for any phonetics student.

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  1. Lynn Coyle-Handy September 15, 2020 at 8:17 pm

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