Top 5 Takeaways from Office Hours: Grad Night

On June 6, National NSSLHA held a virtual event for graduating speech-language pathology and audiology students. The event brought together students and professionals to discuss topics relevant to those starting their careers. Watch the entire event below:

1. Navigating the licensure process: Panelists provided an overview of state licensure requirements for SLPs and audiologists, including the need for a temporary or provisional license during the clinical fellowship year. They advised students to research state-specific requirements.

2. Certification process: Panelists discussed the benefits of ASHA certification and outlined the requirements and steps to obtain the CCC (Certificate of Clinical Competence). They emphasized the importance of ensuring supervisors meet ASHA requirements during the clinical fellowship.

3. Getting started in a new work setting: Advice was given for SLPs and audiologists beginning careers in private practice, schools, and medical settings. Tips included understanding billing/coding, building collaborative relationships, and seeking mentorship.

4. Staying involved after graduating: Panelists highlighted ways to remain connected through professional associations, conferences, and networking. They shared resources like ASHA’s practice portal, evidence maps, and specialty certification options.

5. Q&A: The Q&A portion covered topics such as negotiating CF salaries, obtaining liability insurance, resources for different work settings, and the potential impact of the interstate compact for traveling SLPs.

Want to Learn More?

The resources and links shared during this event are all available in our helpful New Grad Checklist. This checklist outlines essential steps to transition smoothly into the professional world of speech-language pathology or audiology. Take a look at this comprehensive guide to help navigate the next steps in your career effectively!

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